Yoga Is a Way To Freedom

Indra Devi once made this famous quote “Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.” When you practice yoga, you are going to detach yourself from most of your problems.

Many experts believe that when you practice yoga that you are going to free yourself from physical sufferings. It is not surprising that it is often described as the great path of liberation. Yoga is designed to liberate you from suffering, which is the greatest problem confronting person across the globe.

Suffering is endemic as people are subjected to different kinds of challenges such as back pain, physical pain, acid reflux, migraines, as well as carpal tunnel and other kinds of ailments.

Humanity is subjected to different kinds of suffering of which physical suffering is considered its first layer. This means that there are other kinds of sufferings such as the emotional suffering. Thousands of people are suffering from anxiety and depression. Both the future and past pose a serious challenge to many people such that they do not know how to cope with them.

Yoga helps you out of the situation. It will teach you about various kinds of sufferings including emotional sufferings. Most of the emotional sufferings people are going through actually emanate from their perceptions. Often these are the direct outcome of such situations like fear, refusal, attachment, ego, and so on. The situation is worsened by the environmental factors. Emotional sufferings can contribute to physical suffering. If you are able to learn the causes of emotional sufferings, you will be able to relieve yourself of physical sufferings. All these are possible through yoga. If you are able to realize this, you have achieved liberation for yourself and this means that you have achieved freedom. Yoga makes this possible for you.

Perhaps the best form of freedom is the ability for one to understand oneself. When you are able to understand yourself, then you will be able to understand your situation. The best way to achieve that understanding is through the yoga practice.


YogaPerhaps the worst form of suffering most people undergo today as those caused by human thoughts. Thoughts just like emotion are caused by perceptions. Research has shown that much of human sufferings actually emanates from the way they perceive things. Yoga has made it possible for many people to conquer their thought process. They are able to conquer the worst form of suffering and able to free their minds.


If you are a true practitioner, you will be able to change your circumstances. Yoga teaching and practices make it possible for you to achieve that without difficulties. You will no longer deprive yourself of your internal freedom and nobody will be able to rob you that too. Everyone can achieve freedom through yoga teaching and practice. The world was created in such a way that everybody should be free. The best possible way of achieving a perfect and free world is through yoga practice. You will be able to overcome all your worries and challenges.