Where Do I Get My Leggings?




Rainbeau Curves


JCPenney Boutique

Lucy Activewear

A-Bomb Apparel

Zions Den Apparel

How do you stay motivated?

I’m just like everyone else. It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated or consistent with your practice. They way I stay motivated with my practice for myself is to practice poses that I enjoy and want to practice more. We are alwasy learning and can’t do all the poses, but If we focus on certain poses and are dedicated to them, it helps the motivation. As well as the yoga challenges. I hope one day I can be purely dedicated to my practice by motivating myself or others.

Where do you practice?

I currently practice alone at a private community center. At the end of June, I won’t be able to use the space anymore, but I am also in the works of make a yoga studio in one of the rooms in my house. As well as practicing outside in my backyard in front of my citrus trees. Playing in the park is also fun with yoga buddies! Since I don’t have much money, I can’t afford a yoga membership to a studio, but I do buy month Groupon deals once in awhile. Hopefully I can buy an online yoga membership to YogaGlo soon.

Who/how do you take photos?

Almost all of my photos are taken by myself. Depending on the pose I either use my intervalometer for photos, take a video and screenshot, or have a friend to take a photo. I use a Zipshot collapsible tripod, or an Amazon tripod. For a long while I was using Samsung Galaxy S5 for almost all my photos, but I’ve started to use my Canon SLR camera for most of my photos now.

Where did you get your yoga mat?

When I first started yoga I had a cheap $20 Gaiam mat. I’ve used it still once in awhile. There was also another Gaiam mat that I got free from Wanderlust Cosmopolitan Las Vegas which is a lot thicker, and I use that as my outside mat because it cushions the cement and I can get it dirty on the grass. It still has good grip on it too. I’ve also used a Manduka travel mat which I really liked but lost. It’s nice to have a pocket mat if you need it, but the downside is that there is no cushion because it’s super thin. I currently now use:

  • Jade – I really love the stickyness that they have. Great for everyday practice! They range around $60-80, but are worth it. Though I don’t like that I can’t have it outside because it says that it shouldn’t be in direct sunlight a lot even though I’ve done it. Still love the mat though!
  • Lifforme – If you plan to keep up with a regular yoga practice, it’s best to invest in this mat. I can easily swear by this mat, and say that it does its job well right off the bat. No waiting to brake it in, just practice with no worries.
  • Manduka – I have the MandukaPro and travel mat. I want to like my Pro mat but it’s still been needing a lot more breaking in that i just don’t have time for. It’s also really heavy and dense so you can’t easily take it around with you, so it’s better as a home mat. The travel mat is good when you are out hiking or traveling and weight and space is an issue. You can easily unfold it to have a yoga sesh on a mountain. It doesn’t have padding and is super thin, so take that in mind, but it is very sticky and keeps you from slipping.
  • LaVie Boheme – If you want a pretty mat, you can get one of these guys. Quality, is that of a regular standard $20 mat with beautiful designs. I use mine to take to the beach without worrying if it will get dirty. Beautiful designs though.

Recommendations for props?

Before I got nice props I used to use anything I could that would help. I’ve used a stack of paper as blocks and even used my phone charger cable as a strap before..hahahaha!

Blocks – Water Glide – cork blocks
Straps – Infinity Strap – Stretchy, Hugger Mugger – 8ft cotton strap
Yoga Wheel – Breakin-A-Sweat – 12′ wheel and 10′ wheel
Blanket – Mexican Blanket
Bolster – Manduka – Round Yoga Bolster AirCore