Best Spray Tan Brands on The Market

If you are planning on having a spray tan before the holidays begins, you need to look for the best brands. Spray tanning can be an excellent idea if you are not planning on staying out in the sun for long. It is also a faster method of tanning when you have a limited amount of time. Spray tans contain bronzers and essential melanin products which give you a real tan without exposing you to harmful sun rays. The following article will outline an unbiased list of the best spray tans available in the current market.

1. Norvell Dark Premium Sunless Solution

This norvell spray tan is designed with high-quality DHA to help individuals achieve the best sunless tans. It contains natural enzymes that help to repair damaged and dehydrated skin. This helps the body to develop natural moisture for the skin.

Since it includes DHA, it lasts longer and is able to develop a deeper color. An HVLP airbrush is required to help you apply this tan on the body. You do not have to worry about an awful smell after putting on this tan. It has a raspberry scent which leaves you smelling fresh. The result of the tan lasts up to a week which gives you enough time to go about your daily activities.

2. Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution

This is a spray on solution that requires the use of an HVLP system. It gives a rich brown tan that looks like you just got a suntan from the beach. It made from organic material which are entirely vegan.


The FDA has approved all ingredients which are also certified by PETA. If you are looking for a one-hundred percent natural tan, this is the best option for you. The DHA will begin to develop after at least three hours. Avoid showering or engaging in rigorous activities within the first eight hours of application. This product is guaranteed not to turn your skin orange when the directions are followed correctly.

3. Self Tanner (Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Lotion)

Most doctors recommend this tanning solution to their clients. Additionally, many celebrities use this tan too. This product does not require any exposure to sunlight for it to develop. It is made from a mixture of natural ingredients from across the world. As a result, you do not have to be worried about having any allergic reactions to this product. This tanning solution leaves your skin with a natural glow, revitalized and hydrated. All tanning solutions from Sun Laboratories are ideal for all skin types and will leave you with a perfect tan. Instructions on how to apply this product are included in the packaging to ensure that you get the best tanning experience.

Spray Tan

After carefully reading through the different brands of spray tans described above, you will have the ability to choose a product that works best for you. It is essential that you realize which ingredients you are allergic to. This will help you avoid spray tans that contain such ingredients to avoid damaging your skin and general health. a