Best Fun Things to Do in Indianapolis

The capital of Indiana is famous for sporting events with the highlight being the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The city is also home to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – the world’s largest kid’s museum. It does not matter whether you are a visitor or a resident. There is a fun activity you have not tried in Indianapolis.

Escape Rooms

Call it a game or a challenge. The bottom line is that an escape room is a thrilling experience that provides entertainment while putting your brain and teamwork to the test. The concept is simple – you and your team are locked in a themed space. The objective is to escape the room after solving the puzzles and riddles using the provided clues. The challenge is timed. In most cases, you have an hour to escape the room.

As much as they are a source of entertainment, escape rooms train logic, emphasize on deductive reasoning, and improve teamwork. Most are based on popular escape storylines and are themed as prison cells and dungeons. Of late, creators have taken it up a notch. You will find challenges where you are FBI agents pressed for time to solve a murder case or survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum

The motor speedway and Hall of Fame Museum are the city’s greatest attractions. The museum has an extensive collection of race cars. Racing enthusiasts will enjoy the auto memorabilia of the Indianapolis 500 race which included cars, bikes, and dragster that have set and broken world records.

Guided tours of the Speedway are available. The trip is an opportunity to learn more about the speedway and includes stops at the garage area and victory platform.

Take Your Family to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Like the speedway, the kid’s museum is a must-see for visitors. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis boasts of 11 galleries and is 472,900 square-feet big. Its main highlights are the “Dinosphere: Now you’re in their world” and the “National Geographic Treasures of the Earth”. The latter is a recreation of three archaeological sites – China’s Terra Cotta Warriors, the Egyptian Tomb, and a pirate shipwreck. Kids will also fancy the planetarium and the 12,500-year-old mastodon skeleton. The museum’s well-designed exhibits make this destination an attraction for both kids and adults.

children museum explore

Explore the City via the Central Canal

The Central Canal also called the Indy Canal walk is a 3-mile waterway. The canal will take you through popular attractions such as the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, Victory Field, and Indiana State Museum.

You can walk alongside the canal or book a Segway tour. Or, you can make the tour fun by hiring a kayak or pedal boat. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy a spectacular view and appreciate the city’s contemporary architecture.

Enjoy the Wild at the Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo spans across 64 acres of land. It hosts more than 23,000 plant species and 1,600 animal species. The zoo has five biomes (areas of plants and animals) – 4 are distinguished by climate and one offers special encounters. One of the best sites in the zoo is the underwater dolphin viewing dome. The White River Gardens, which has a glass-enclosed conservatory, is also a must see. The zoo offers special zoo experiences such as swimming with dolphins and watching a penguin paint (you are allowed to take the sketch home).

What’s fun to you? Is it puzzle games, wildlife, sight-seeing, car racing, or going out with family? Whatever qualifies as fun to you, Indianapolis has something to offer.