About Us

Yoga Health

We are yoga experts, teachers, trainers, and instructors. We carry out yoga training programs for all categories of people. Whether you are an expert, a teacher, a student and so on, we have something unique to you. We carryout different kinds of training such as training programs, classes, workshops for private yoga classes, group yoga classes, as well as corporate yoga training and so on. Our major aim is to educate all categories of yoga practitioners and teachers. All our trainers and teachers are certified.

We do not only train students, we also turn them to professional yoga teachers. After undergoing our training programs, most of them get certified and train others as well. We conduct various classes covering different aspects of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Salutation Yoga, Rope Yoga, Gentle Yoga, yoga for beginners, Neck and Shoulder yoga and several others. We have everything for all categories of students.