7 Yoga Books to Inspire Your Practice

Yoga practitioners get their inspiration through one Yoga book or the other. Yoga books offer different and innovative ways and these can actually bring different experiences in your life and mat.

Various books are available on the market and offer unique ways as well important teachings about yoga, your life, as well as yourself. It is good that you choose the perfect book most suitable for your present moment. Such books are of different categories such as yoga philosophy, practice, poses, functional anatomy, mediation, transformation, psychology and so on. You can choose any book relevant to your present situation. Here are some of the seven yoga books to inspire your practice.

1.The Spirit and Practice of Moving Through Stillness

The Spirit and Practice of Moving Through StillnessErich Schiffmamm wrote this book. It belongs to Yoga Poses, Practice and Philosophy category. This book takes a different approach. The author adopts a transformative and gentle look towards the body and alignment approach.

This book is unique, because it is easy to follow, and it is not difficult to understand. It covers important aspects of yoga such as pranayama, mediation, lines of energy, as well as yoga practice. This is the most comprehensive book on yoga and it is not surprising it occupies the top position here.

This book is the best for you if you want to learn the various yoga approaches. If you want a perfect inner exploration, it is recommended for you. Those looking for the best approach to challenge themselves can start with the book.

2. Yoga Mind, Body, and Spirit- A Return to Wholeness

Donna Farhi wrote this important yoga book. The book is unique because of the inspiring approach to practicing yoga. It presents a complete approach for practitioners. It makes available seven moving principles through which the asanas can come to life. The seven principles it provides include radiate, breathe, center, yield, engage, align, as well as support. It is divided into interesting sections, which makes it easier for readers to comprehend yoga practice.

It is perfect for those studying the various yoga approaches, as well as those interested about Yoga philosophy and practice.

3. Insight Yoga

 Insight YogaThis is another great yoga book and Sarah Powers wrote it. The book is educative and informative. It has interesting insights, photos, and useful information that help you master yoga. The way the book describes the meridian theory actually stands it out. It focuses on the most important aspect of yoga such as yin yoga. The book features interesting yoga sequences to help you actualize your goals.

If you want to learn yin yoga, this book is good for you. It is equally good for those learning, they can compress meridians.

4. Yoga Bible

Christina Brown is the author of this book. It is unique, because it presents one hundred and seventy yoga postures. It is very illustrative and provides step by step procedure. It is very comprehensive and easy to understand. The author summarizes various aspects of yoga as well as yoga poses. It is perfect for any yoga practitioner.

5. Light on Yoga

This is another interesting book and BKS Iyengar wrote it. The book is different from several others out there because it is very comprehensive and very detailed. Many people found it important. It is not surprising because the author is an authority in yoga. He is widely regarded as a yoga master. It is perfect for anybody interested in the comprehensive, detailed, as well as a systematic guide to yoga practice.

6. Functional Anatomy of Yoga: A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers

Functional Anatomy of YogaThis book belongs to the category known as Functional Anatomy of Yoga and David Keil wrote it. It teaches yoga practitioners about functional anatomy. It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive guide to functional anatomy. It remains the best for those interesting in knowing about their body.

7. Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice

The wonderful yoga book was written by no other than Baron Baptiste. This is regarded as the most vibrant yoga instructor. It has many things to teach to practitioners. The book is wonderful and very educative. Its approach to yoga makes the book very useful for everybody.